In 2015 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

After a year I was introduced to my first insulin pump. What a life changer. It was great to no longer be forced to inject with needles everyday.

Fast forward 6 more years and I got the TSlim x2 and Dexcom G6 closed loop system. Another life changing upgrade! While this new technology was amazing, I realized a lot of the annoyances that came with my old pump were the same with my new one.

I would wake up tangled in my tubing. Pump slipping out of my pocket yanking my side. Never having pocket space. My pets trying to paw and chew on tubing.

One night I was getting undressed to go to bed and thought to myself, “what if my underwear had a pump pocket?”. I pulled out my phone to find some to buy but none of the options were what I was looking for.

That’s why I designed Insulin Pump underwear. Pump clothing that’s affordable, made by a fellow diabetic, and that you actually want to wear.